Israel initiates massive action in Gaza following Hamas balloon attack

Jerusalem: – The Israeli military launched massive airstrikes on the Hamas locations in Gaza Strip, on Thursday, early in the morning. The Israel military informed that these attacks were in retaliation of the balloon attacks being carried out by the Hamas terrorists into Israel, since the last few days. Whereas Israeli Defence Minister Beni Gantz has stopped the fuel supply to Gaza. It is claimed that this is the first major action taken by Israel against Gaza in a long time.   

Since the last few days, balloon attacks are being launched from the Gaza Strip into Israel border regions. The intensity of these attacks have increased since Tuesday, and fires started in at least 80 locations in the Israeli border region following the attacks. As per the information shared by the Israeli agencies, losses have been caused due to the fires in the Hof Ashkelon and Eshkol regions. Israel launched massive attacks on Hamas locations in Gaza Strip, accusing that Hamas was responsible for the balloon attacks.  

Israeli fighter jets, helicopters and tanks targeted the tunnel network, surveillance posts, military and naval bases of Hamas. The media in Gaza said that the attacks were carried out on Hamas locations from Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza, to the Rafah city in the south. It is being said that Hamas suffered huge losses in the Israeli strikes. But Hamas has not given any reaction. Following the attacks, Israel has started imposing sanctions against Gaza. The Kerem Shalom road, connecting Israel and Gaza, has been closed. At the same time, to corner Gaza, Israel has stopped the fuel supply and has restricted the fishing area.  

Meanwhile, information was released by both Israel and the United States regarding a successful test of Arrow-2 missile on Wednesday night. This missile developed jointly by Israel and the United States successfully intercepted a long-range missile fired from the Mediterranean Sea. Israeli Defence Minister Beni Gantz announced that this test, once again, shows that Israel is always one step ahead of the enemy. Although Gantz did not take any names, it is said that this is a warning for Hamas from Gaza, Hezbollah from Lebanon and Iran, who is supporting these terrorist organisations. 

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