IS accepts responsibility for suicide attacks in Iraq

Baghdad: – The terrorist organisation IS has accepted the responsibility of the dual suicide attacks carried out in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad. IS has said that these attacks were carried out to target the blasphemous majority in Iraq. Given these attacks, concerns are being expressed that IS, once again, is emerging stronger in Iraq.   

As per the information published on the website, handling propaganda for IS, the terrorist organisation accepted the responsibility of Baghdad’s dual suicide attacks. The terrorists carried out the blasts to target the crowds gathered at the Tayaran square in Baghdad.   

IS warned that these attacks were carried out to target the majority in Iraq. IS even published the names of the suicide bombers. Thirty-two people were killed, and 110 were injured in the attack. Panic is spreading in the majority population, following this warning issued by IS. It is claimed that IS has carried out such a major attack in Baghdad almost after three years. The United States had claimed in 2017 that IS has been eradicated from Iraq.  

After that, there was a reduction in the number of IS terror attacks in Iraq and Syria. Citing this, US President Donald Trump had announced military withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan. Only last week, reports of the planned US military withdrawal had been received.   

Meanwhile, IS seems to have targeted the Iraqi capital following the US military withdrawal. Some analysts are aggressively demanding that to counter the threat of IS, the United States will have to make new military deployments in Iraq. 

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