Japan seeks alliance with US in East China Sea to face China

Hong Kong: – Japan has appealed that it expects cooperation from the newly elected US President, Joe Biden, in the East China Sea region, against Chinese aggression. Reports are being received that discussion regarding this has been held between Jake Sullivan, appointed as the National Security Advisor (NSA) by President Biden, and Shigeru Kitamura, the National Security Advisor of Japan. A few days ago, Chinese ships had intruded into the marine region near the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea. The Japanese coast guard, in a swift action, drove the Chinese ships away.    

Shigeru Kitamura, the National Security Advisor of Japan, was present during the swearing-in of the new US President, Joe Biden. It is claimed that Kitamura held discussions regarding the East China Sea with Jake Sullivan after the swearing-in ceremony. As per the report published by a Hong Kong-based daily, Kitamura said that Japan expects cooperation from the United States to stop the Chinese aggression in the East China Sea.  

US NSA Jake Sullivan also clarified that as per the agreement signed between the United States and Japan, the United States is committed to Japan’s security. At the same time, Sullivan said that the United States would oppose any unilateral action threatening Japan’s sovereignty. Before this, even in November, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga had raised the topics of the East China Sea and Senkaku Islands, during the talks held with Biden. At that time, Biden had assured Japan regarding the security issues. But the military analysts from Japan are raising doubts regarding the stand that New US President Biden will take regarding China.   

The Chinese threat to Japanese sovereignty is increasing by the day. The intrusion by Chinese patrol ships into the Japanese marine region has not stopped. In the past, US President Donald Trump had adopted a very stern stand against China. But the Japanese analysts are claiming that President Biden will not take such a harsh stand against China.  

Meanwhile, China is obstructing the marine and air travel of other countries through the South China Sea region. Japan has made vitriolic criticism that this Chinese action is against the regulations of the United Nations.   

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