Israel supports Kurdistan`s independence, says Israeli Prime Minister

Jerusalem : Israel will  fully support the efforts to establish an independent Kurdistan for the Kurdish people residing in Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Armenia, as announced by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. However, while supporting for independent Kurdistan, Prime Minister, Netanyahu, clarified that the Kurdish rebel group ‘PKK’ in Turkey is a terrorist organization.


Kurdistan`s independence

Israeli Prime Minister is currently on a tour of Latin American countries and Netanyahu announced this in Argentina on Wednesday. The Israeli Prime Minister said that the Kurdish people are making legitimate efforts for establishment of an independent nation. While expressing his support to the efforts of Kurdish people, Israeli Prime Minister criticized Turkey’s equivocal policies. ‘The terrorist organization of Hamas in the Gaza strip is assisted by Turkey. Still the Turkey based ‘PKK’ is a terrorist organisation for Israel’, as barbed by Israeli  Prime Minister.

Earlier in the year 2004, while speaking in a security related conference, Netanyahu had stated his support for independent Kurdistan program. Former Israeli President Shimon Perez, Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman had also announced  their support for the creation of Kurdistan.

On September 25, a referendum will be held in Iraq for an independent Kurdistan. The Kurd groups in Iraq and Turkey have started  preparations for this referendum. Kurd’s autonomous government is in power in northern Iraq and they also have an independent Kurd military in this region. The Kurd military participated in the anti ‘IS’ conflict in Iraq. US has taken assistance of this Kurd army and groups for anti ‘IS’ conflict in Iraq and Syria. Additionally, there were indications that US is sympathetically looking over the demand of an independent nation by the Kurdish people. Till date US leaders have not taken any explicit action regarding this. However, the supply of arms by  US to the Kurd groups is revealing the stand taken by US in this regard.

However, no country is ready to break its territory for the Kurds who are scattered in Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Armenia, and Turkey has warned that there is no possibility of compromise in this issue. Turkey has prepared to torment US over this. Turkey is giving a befitting reply to US by increasing cooperation with traditional US rival nations, Russia and Iran. While openly supporting the Kurds, Israel now is backing  the demand for independent Kurdistan. This will have a huge impact in near future and it will make the Gulf turmoil even more severe.

Will have to pay for Kurdistan`s referendum : Ministry of foreign affairs of Turkey

Ankara: ‘Forget the efforts to get referendum for independent Kurdistan, the price has to be paid for this referendum movement’, warned the Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Iraq’s Parliament has rejected the plan to get a referendum for Kurdistan, and has demanded Iraq’s Prime Minister to take action against this. Turkey has   welcomed this decision by the Iraqi Parliament and Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has criticized that this will increase the tension for the Kurds.

Alike the Iraqi Parliament, the former Kurdish President Masood Barzani had also opposed the referendum movement  and warned that this would trigger a war in the Gulf.


Arab league rejects Kurdistan`s referendum

‘While respecting Iraq’s constitution, all groups should take efforts for an united Iraq’, by saying this the Arab League strongly opposed the efforts of  an independent Kurdistan. The Arab League has also informed to stop the on-going movements for referendum.

The Arab League has appealed that to resolve this conflict in Iraq, the Iraqi Government and Kurdish groups should discussions.  The efforts for independent Kurdistan may have a terrifying impact, as warned by the Arab League.

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