Don’t permit Iranian oil tankers to dock at your ports if you don’t want trouble, warns US State Department

Third World WarWashington: The western countries are continuing cooperation over crude oil with Iran despite the US-imposed sanctions, have been issued a stern warning by the United States saying, ‘No country should let the Iranian oil tankers dock in their ports or even enter their country waters. If any state allows an Iranian oil tanker to enter their waters despite the warning, the country itself would be responsible for the economic and ecological dangers it may have to suffer owing to it. The US warning is nothing but a threat of proceedings served to the Iranian tankers.

Last week, the United States announced strict sanctions targeting the Iranian oil exports. The US sanctions aim to bring the Iranian oil exports to nought. Brian Hook, the Special Representative for Iran, alleged that Iran was exporting oil under disguise saying that it disregarded the sanctions imposed by the United States.

iran, iranian oil tankers, us, portsIran has turned the satellite transponders on its oil tankers off so that its movements cannot be tracked. However, Hook criticised Iran‘s actions saying that the Iranian move could endanger the international freight movement. He claimed that due to the transponders being switched off, the threat of the Iranian oil tankers colliding with other ships has increased. Considering the developments, Hook suggested that other countries should not let the Iranian oil tankers enter into their waters or ports.

‘If other countries let the Iranian oil tankers enter their waters, the threat to the marine safety would increase,’ warned Hook. He further added, ‘An accident involving an Iranian oil tanker and the ensuing oil leak can cause an oil slick anywhere from the Suez Canal to the Strait of Malacca, endangering marine safety’. While making the statement, the accident that took place in January in the East China Sea involving an Iranian oil tanker was cited by him. He asserted that if any country allowed the Iranian oil tankers to enter their waters, they would be solely responsible for the crisis that follows due to it.

Meanwhile, the repercussions of the US sanctions are being felt in the Iranian economy. The Iranian oil tanker companies have asked for enhanced insurance funding for their oil tankers from the Rouhani government.

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