US Defence Secretary, Lloyd Austin concerned about Iran warships’ transit in the Atlantic Ocean

Washington/Tehran: – US Secretary of Defence, Lloyd Austin, warned that the entry of the Iranian warships in the Atlantic Ocean and the sale of Iranian arms in the Latin American countries is a cause for serious concern. The Iranian navy informed that two of its warships entered the Atlantic Ocean. These warships are said to be destined for Venezuela and are carrying a weapons consignment.   


Iranian navy informed that destroyer IRIS Sahand and IRINS Makran, known as the forward base, have entered the Atlantic Ocean from the Iranian navy. As reported by the website ‘Politico’, there is a possibility of fast attack boats on these warships. The same report claimed that there are long-range missiles deployed on these warships. Some US officials have indicated that these warships may be carrying weapons.   

Against this background, US Secretary of Defence, Lloyd Austin, was questioned regarding the US warships and the possible weapons consignment during a hearing in the US Congress. Secretary Austin said that the proliferation of any weapon in the regions near the United States is a grave matter for him. As that allows Iran to supply weapons to a Latin American country can be a concerning example. 

Severe concerns were expressed in the matter, even by the US state department. Ned Price, the spokesman of the US state department, said that if the Iranian warships carry weapons violating the international conventions, all the possible efforts will be made to stop them. ‘During the tenure of President Trump, Iran had sent fuel tankers to Venezuela. The United States had detained all the four Iranian ships.   

Although the US Secretary of Defence has expressed concerns over the Iranian warships, sources indicated no system has been set up to monitor the activities. It is being claimed that the Biden administration is having talks with the Cuban and Venezuelan governments regarding sending the warships back. 

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