Attack Venezuela to oust Maduro from power, Senior US Senator Lindsey Graham

Third World WarWashington/Caracas: A senior US Senator advised attacking Venezuela, to overthrow the Maduro government, while the talks are being held between the Venezuelanrulers and opposition, in the European country ofNorway. Lindsey Graham, a supporter of President Trump, cited the 1983 attack on Grenada, by the then President Ronald Reagan, while forwarding the demand. At a time, when reports are being received that the United States has made preparations to attack Venezuela, the demand by Graham becomes significant.

There is anarchy like situation in Venezuela, since the last few months and millions of citizens have migrated to the neighbouring countries. There is a severe shortage of food, water, electricity and medicines and some people have lost their lives. But the current ruler Nicholas Maduro has held the United States and the other countries responsible for the situation. Juan Guaido has started a vigorous agitation against Maduro, and he is supported by the local people as well as the international community.

Venezuela, maduro, garahamBut countries like Russia, China, Cuba are still supporting Maduro and Maduro is struggling to keep the government going with support from these countries. The appeal made to the military to revolt against Maduro has failed, and Guaido and his supporting countries are exploring other options. As a part of these efforts, talks are being held between the Maduro and Guaido supporters in Norway. No positives have come out of the meeting still, but it may help in reducing the tension in Venezuela.

Against this background, the senior US Senator has created a stir by demanding an attack on Venezuela, once again. Earlier, US Senator Marco Rubio had released Maduro’s photographs along with deceased Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, saying that Maduro will face the same fate as Gaddafi. Now, Senator Graham has referred to the 1983 Grenada attack.

In 1983, President Ronald Regan had attacked Grenada under the pretext that there is a threat to the US citizens. The United States had deployed a unit of 6,000 soldiers for this action. The United States had lost 20 soldiers in action. The US attack succeeded in overthrowing the communist rule in Grenada.

Referring to this attack, Graham demanded that an attack similar to the one ordered by Reagan should be carried out to overthrow the Maduro government. Lindsey Graham said that Guaido is the real leader of Venezuela, not Maduro and Maduro, who is supported by Cuba needs to be taught a lesson.

Only last month, Eric Prince, the Chief of Blackwater company, had proposed to President Trump for the deployment of contracted soldiers, to overthrow the Maduro government in Venezuela.

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