Iran issues fresh threat to Israel

Dubai: Iranian supreme religious leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, warned that conflict against the tyrant Israeli regime is a war against oppression and terrorism. Israel is not a country but a base of terrorists. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of the population to participate in the conflict against such a government. If the Islamic countries cooperate to free Jerusalem, it will be a nightmare for Israel. Major General Hussein Salami threatened that Israel would be wiped out in a single military attack.


Iran issues fresh threat to IsraelIn the past, Iran has issued threats of annihilating Israel and wiping it from the world map. But given the intensity of the developments in the sector, the seriousness of these threats issued by Israel and Iran has increased. A few days ago, Israeli Minister of intelligence had warned that Israeli fighter jets could directly reach Iran. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had warned, during the visit of US Secretary of Defence, Lloyd Austin, that the firm stand of his government is that Israel will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons under any circumstances.

Iran also has been issuing a threat to Israel. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani had threatened that Iran would chop both the Israeli arms by increasing uranium enrichment. Major General Esmail Qaani, chief of Iranian Quds forces, had announced that Israel would not be safe. Now, there is the addition of this threat issue by Iranian supreme religious leader Ayatollah Khamenei. On Friday, while addressing the Iranian people, Khamenei appealed to the people to participate in the conflict against Israel.

Khamenei appealed that Israel built terrorist bases; from the day it took over the Palestinian territories. Israel is not a country but a fort of terrorists built against the Palestinians and the Islamic countries. A fight against this cruel regime becomes a war against oppression and terrorism; it is the duty of the population to participate in this war.Iran issues fresh threat to Israel

Iranian supreme religious leader also lashed out at the western countries supporting Israel. Khamenei accused Europe of torturing Jews during the second world war. Therefore, Europe is now blindly supporting the Jews. To avenge this, the western countries threw the Palestinians out from their land. The Iranian supremo claimed that, but now the situation is changing. The balance of power which was in favour of the western countries, is now shifting towards the Islamic countries.’ For this, Khamenei cited the United States and Europe. The United States and Europe are passing through an embarrassing situation. They have failed to counter the Coronavirus pandemic. There is even political and social instability in the European countries. Khamenei claimed in this scenario, if the Islamic countries show solidarity with the Palestinians. Israel and all those from the United States and Europe supporting them would lose their sleep.

Meanwhile, negotiations are on between the United States and Iran over the nuclear deal. International media are claiming that an unannounced conflict has started between Iran and Israel at the same time. The Israeli airstrikes on the bases of Iran and its affiliated groups in Syria and the Iranian attacks on Israeli ships are a part of the same conflict. Iran is accusing that the Israeli activities are an effort to ensure that the Iranian nuclear negotiations fall through. But Iran is threatening to annihilate Israel, while these talks are being held. Therefore, the Israeli claims that there is a major threat to Israel from Iran is getting endorsed. This is exerting immense pressure on the Biden administration, who is keen on implementing the new nuclear deal.

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