Israel will launch a surprise attack on Iran, while the tension between US and Iran is at its peak, claims US analyst

Third World WarWashington/Jerusalem: The Israeli policy is annihilating the enemy facilities before they acquire Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). Under this Begin Doctrine, Israel has carried out an attack on the nuclear projects in Iraq (1981) and Syria (2007). Currently, Iran is vying to acquire nuclear weapons. Because of this, the US-Iran relations are in jeopardy, and the Iranian ties with the international community are also under duress. US analyst Doreen Horschigwarned that taking advantage of this, Israel may attack Iran.

Iran, who is remaining in the nuclear deal because of pressure from the European countries and Russia, indicated exiting the deal, in the last month. Iranian leaders claimed that Iran was starting with weapons-grade Uranium enrichment. At the same time, the attacks on oil tankers in the Persian Gulf also increased and accusations that Iran was behind the attacks were rife. Therefore, the United States had made preparations to attack Iran. Along with the United States, Saudi Arabia and Israel also had warned of concrete steps to stop Iran.

israel, us analyst, iran, usThe activities against Iran gained momentum, following the attack on the US drone, in the last week. Aggressive reactions were received from both Saudi and Israel, following the Iranian attack. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a stern warning ‘Israel will never allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. Iran should also be punished for withdrawing from the nuclear deal.’

This increases the significance of the warning issued by the US analyst, regarding an impending Israel attack. Doreen Horschig working as a researcher in the Central Florida University, made a special mention of the Israeli Begin Doctrine. The researcher drew attention to the fact that Israel has not allowed any of its neighbours in West Asia to acquire nuclear capabilities. She reminded that this is a part of a permanent Israeli policy.

In 1981, Israel destroyed a nuclear project in Iraq. This action is known as Operation Opera. In 2007, the nuclear project in Deir Al-Zor region of Syria was destroyed in an airstrike. In 2010, a few Iranian nuclear scientists were killed. It is said that the Israeli intelligence agency was behind these killings. Israel has carried out fierce attacks on Iranian bases in Syria, over the last one year.

Horschig, referring to these activities, warned that Israel will never allow Iran to take its nuclear program forward. She also reminded of the cyberattacks on the Iranian nuclear program.

US analyst Doreen Horschig warned ‘One must remember that although there is tension reigning between the United States and Iran, as of now, Iran is a perpetual enemy of Israel. Therefore, in view of its security and the increasing threat from the enemy, Israel may carry out a surprise attack on Iran.’

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