Iran will commit a Jewish holocaust using nuclear weapons, warns analyst Tibi in the Austrian parliament

Third World WarVienna: World-renowned analyst, Bassam Tibi, made a frightening statement that a fresh possibility of Jewish holocaust is surfacing once again. This holocaust will not be in Europe, as Europe has become more mature. This time the holocaust will be in the Gulf.’ He warned that the Iranian nuclear weapons are aimed at Israel and this is the preparation of the Holocaust.

Iran, Jewish, Bassam tibi, austriaBassam Tibi, a Syrian by birth, issued this warning while addressing the Austrian parliament. Tibi said that Iran is acquiring nuclear weapons and these weapons are aimed at Israel, and this will be nothing else but holocaust. Tibi demanded that therefore, anyone denying this should face the same punishment that was handed out, for denying the Jewish genocide, during the second world war.

Tibi pointed out that the immigrants entering Europe also harbour ultimate hatred for Jews. Tibi alleged that the hatred for Jews is being nurtured in the Gulf. Tibi reminded ‘These are very deep-rooted issues. Hasan Al Bana, chief of Islamic Brotherhood, founded in 1928, had announced annihilation of Jews.’

At the same time, anyone denouncing the actions against Jews is termed as anti-Islamic. Bassam Tibi clarified while addressing the Austrian parliamentarians, that this is wrong. Tibi reminded the Austrian parliament that the Jews have suffered at the hands of Europe too. Tibi pointed out that the Jewish people are returning to Israel from France as they don’t find France a safe place.

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