After birth of red heifer, the first sign, other signs foretold of the Messiah’s appearance in the Old Testament, begin to emerge

Third World WarJerusalem: The ‘Old Testament’, the holy book of the Christians and Jews, speaks of the three signs that would be delivered before the appearance of the Messiah, the saviour. The first of the signs is the birth of the red heifer that is a red calf which has occurred. Following the birth of the Red Heifer in September, the second sign was witnessed as well where fish were said would be found alive in the dead sea. Most remarkable was that the Israeli media have claimed of the snake slithering out of the western wall at the Temple Mount in the holy Jewish city of Jerusalem, being the third sign. Therefore, the time for the appearance of the saviour of the Jews is believed to have drawn quite close.

israel, Red heifer, jews, signsThe birth of the Red Heifer in September is said to be a significant occurrence for the Jewish people. The scholars of the Jewish religion, have been revealed to be investigating the matter. It was considered to be the first sign that would come forth before the appearance of the Messiah. The arrival of the next two signs is eagerly anticipated. As per the Old Testament, the discovery of fish living in the Dead Sea is considered to be the second sign. Due to the high salinity of the water in the Dead Sea, which is almost 37%, finding living fish becomes an impossibility. Hence, no fish was ever seen in the sea. The Christian and the Jewish people believe that the place is cursed, and it has been said to be so since the Biblical times, which is to say from the time the Bible came to be.

A few days ago, reports of fishes being found alive in the Dead Sea, had surfaced. The researchers are baffled by the discovery. It is challenging to present any logical explanation scientifically. Even so, the Jewish people claim it as the second sign, as described in the holy book. The Israeli media had reported the story. Within just a few days from the second sign, did the incident of the snake slithering out from the Western wall of the Temple Mount occur. Some Jewish bloggers profess of the incidents marking the start of dangerous times for the Jewish people. Thus, the bloggers insist that it lay testimony to their saviour appearing soon.

The series of events have further strengthened the faith of the Jewish people towards their saviour appearing soon. Along with the Jews, the Christian evangelical groups are also firmly asserting that their Messiah would soon appear. Therefore, the birth of the Red Heifer was equally welcomed by the group as well.

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