Hamas wants to spark a conflict against Israel, claim Israel military officials

Third World War

Jerusalem: Israel has accused Hamas of being responsible for the kite bomb and balloon bomb attacks carried out from the Gaza Strip. The Israeli military informed that action was taken on Sunday, against the Hamas terrorists making preparations for a fresh attack. The Israeli military officials have claimed that Hamas, who has been carrying out kite and balloon bomb attacks from the Gaza Strip, wants to start a conflict with Israel.


In the last 24 hours, the Israeli military has carried out airstrikes on different Hamas locations in the Gaza Strip. The Hamas vehicles and military depots were targeted in these attacks. The Israeli military has claimed that the kite and balloon attacks from the Gaza Strip in the Israeli border areas are the reason for Israeli military’s action on Hamas.

Strong protests are being held at the Israeli border by the Palestinians from the Gaza Strip. Under the cover of these protests, Hamas is carrying out kite and balloon bomb attacks in the Israeli border areas. Hamas has resorted to these kite and balloon attacks as the rockets fired into Israel are being neutralised by the Israeli Iron dome system, accused the Israeli military.

The Israeli agencies have claimed that these kite and balloon bomb attacks have caused major damages to hundreds of acres of agricultural land in these border areas. The Israeli military acted against the Hamas terrorists carrying out balloon attacks on Sunday. As per the information received, three people were injured in the action.

Meanwhile, some of the Israeli military officials have expressed concerns over the protests in the Gaza Strip and these attacks. They have also claimed that Hamas is preparing for a major conflict with Israel.  Hamas leader, Yahya Sinwar, may start a conflict against Israel to break the deadlock on the Gaza Strip. The attacks from the Gaza Strip have increased over the last few days with this objective, claimed the Israeli military officials. But Hamas is well aware that they will have to pay a heavy price if the conflict escalates into a war. Therefore, Hamas is preparing for a limited conflict with Israel, claimed the Israeli military officials.

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