Indian Army set to equip infantry combat vehicles with night vision

New Delhi: Indian military is making preparations for a long-drawn war in view of the Chinese aggression on the Line of Actual Control (LAC). As a part of the preparations, the Infantry Combat Vehicles will be equipped with the capability of night vision to be able to use them even during the night. Currently, the military is using BMP-2/2 Infantry Combat Vehicles, and they have been deployed on the Ladakh border.   


The military has initiated the process of modernising the BMP-2/2K Infantry Combat Vehicles from the domestic companies in view of the possibility of a conflict flaring up in the future. Expression of interest has been invited from the domestic companies. The BMP-2/2K Infantry Combat vehicles that are currently deployed have image intensifier technology, but this cannot be of use in the night. The military sources claimed that this puts limitations on night operations.   

night-vision The BMP-2/2K Infantry Combat Vehicles were commissioned in the Indian military in 1985. Thereafter, they have become an essential part of the Indian army and currently there are more than 800 BMP-2/2K Infantry Combat Vehicles in operation. It is being said that this combat vehicle will become more lethal after being equipped with night vision. It is noted in the military report that the areas near the border are fit for machine operations. Our capability will have to be increased to counter the current threats. It will be possible to counter any threats if the capabilities of the vehicles are improved.   

Equipment like Third Generation Thermal Imager Based Gunner Sight and Automatic Target Tracker will be installed on the BMP-2/2K Infantry Combat Vehicles. Target has been set to include vehicles installed with advanced systems, in the military, in the next two years. Before this, in June, the army had raised a demand for 156 BMP-2/2K Infantry Combat Vehicles. Provision of more than Rs 10 billion has been made for this purpose and ordnance factory will be supplying the vehicles. 

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