India will deliver a jolt to China with a surprise attack: Former Chinese military official

Beijing: Former Chinese military official General Wang Hongguang warned, ‘India can jolt China with a surprise attack. All the Indian preparations for such an attack have been completed, and India has deployed three times the Chinese soldiers on the Line of Actual Control (LAC).’ The warning issued by General Wang that India is planning something disastrous, against the background of the rising tension in the Gulf of Taiwan and the upcoming US Presidential elections, only goes to show the state of mind that China is in. Reports have already been published that China has planted landmines in the Aksai Chin region with a fear that India will invade and take over this region.


India will deliver a jolt to China with a surprise attack: Former Chinese military officialGeneral Wang, who has worked as the second-in-command at the Nanjing Military department in the Eastern Theatre Command of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, issued this warning against India in an article written on the military social media, Li Jian. A Hong Kong-based English newspaper carried this warning issued by General Wang. While speaking about the tension on the Ladakh border, General Wang accused that India is not disclosing the real figures of military deployment in the region. India has deployed twice or thrice the number of soldiers as compared to China, and this deployment is just about 50 kilometres from the Chinese border. General Wang claimed that the Indian soldiers could enter the Chinese border within a matter of a few hours.

The threat of an India-China conflict has increased because of the tension in the Taiwanese Gulf and the upcoming US Presidential elections. Hong Kong-based military analyst, Song Zhongping, warned that China should be dealing cautiously with India who has made additional deployments near the LAC. Zhongping expressed fear, ‘India never accepted the said Line of Actual Control. Therefore, India will launch attacks to gain control of the territory belonging to India.’ There is a strong anti-China sentiment in India. In this scenario, India cannot withdraw its military from the LAC. Chinese analyst Zhou Chenming warned that therefore, India would deploy its military on the LAC for an extended period.

China has realised after the Galwan conflict that it has made a blunder by inciting India. Therefore, China has realised that it cannot dominate the LAC, else it will have to face a strong Indian retaliation, and the Indian military is just waiting for the opportunity. China is grappled with the fear that India will take over Aksai Chin and also is haunted by the concern whether Tibet will remain with it. Another reason for Chinese insecurity is the doubt whether its soldiers, who cannot withstand freezing cold, will be able to face the Indian soldiers. This insecurity is reflecting on the warning issued by General Wang.

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