India can take ‘military option’ against China if talks fail, warns CDS Gen. Bipin Rawat

New Delhi: Indian Chief of Defence Staff, General Bipin Rawat, warned that China is saying that India may use the military option if the political negotiation regarding the Line of Actual Control (LAC) fail. China has still not withdrawn military from certain parts of Ladakh, and it has also been observed that China is increasing military deployment in the sector, hence buying more time engaging India in political negotiations. But India is fully aware of the crooked Chinese tactics, and the warning issued by the Chief of Defence Staff clarifies that India is not willing to give more time to China.

…then India will take military action against China, warns Defence Chief Bipin RawatMultiple rounds of talks have been held between India and China, regarding the LAC, in the last two months. Nothing fruitful has emerged from these military and political level talks. Chinese soldiers remain deployed at specific locations, and China has apparently rejected the Indian demand by increasing deployment in these regions. Angry reactions are being received from India over this. But China is expanding the deployment in these regions intending to leapfrog India. A few days ago, China deployed surface to air missiles in the Manasarovar region. The Chinese ploy is making the military position strong, engaging India in talks.

Therefore, India has made preparations to take a stricter position in the matter. India has retaliated with an equivalent deployment in these regions. General Rawat has delivered a clear message that if China is not willing to retreat from the LAC despite this, India will not hesitate to initiate military action directly. India is warning that it is better if China withdrew from these locations, as India has the courage, capability and the will to do this. No official reaction has been received from China over the statements of General Rawat, but the Chinese media is threatening India, as usual.

…then India will take military action against China, warns Defence Chief Bipin RawatThe Chinese government media has stated that the Indian military should not make the mistake of thinking of China as Myanmar. The Chinese government media has also claimed that in case of a war between India and China, Russia will support China and not India. The government media, who was claiming that the Indian military will not be able to face the Chinese onslaught, has started threatening India using Russia. This shows that Chinese confidence is shaken.

Former Indian military officials also are clearly stating that whatever China brags, that country does not have the capability to stop India in the Ladakh sector. These military officials said that China should be made to understand clearly that India can take military action and India should ready itself for a conflict; otherwise China will not retreat. Renowned thinktanks also had inferred that India could easily overpower China in the Ladakh region. At the moment, China is isolated on the military level, and the public opinion around the globe is against China. China has realised this, and some members from the Chinese communist party have started criticising that the policies of President Jinping will sink China to the rock bottom.

Therefore, it is apparent that in case of a conflict with India, there is hardly any possibility of support from any other country. At the same time, the Chinese government may have to face internal resistance. In this scenario, the warning issued by the Indian Chief of Defence Staff is adding further to the pressure on China.

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