Taliban, Al Qaeda and Jaish-e-Mohammad unite in Afghanistan

Kabul: – The Pakistan sponsored terrorist organisation Jaish-e-Mohammed has joined hands with Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. Jaish has set up bases in eastern Afghanistan, along with Taliban and Al Qaeda and the Afghan military officials alleged that the trio was responsible for the attacks carried out on the Afghan soldiers, in the Nangarhar and Kunar Provinces. It has been exposed that these terrorists are equipped with advanced weaponry. 

General Ayub Hussain Khel, Commander of the Afghan military, responsible for the security of the eastern Afghan border, informed about alliance formed by these terrorist organisations while talking to a news channel. Taliban and Al Qaeda and Jaish have set up bases in the Nangarhar, Kunar and Nuristan provinces, near the Pakistan border, in Afghanistan. General Hussain Khel said, attacking the Afghan soldiers is the primary objective of these organisations and this trio is responsible for the increasing attacks on the Afghan soldiers, since the last few weeks. General Hussain Khel said that there has been a 50% increase in the attacks on the Afghan soldiers.

The Afghan soldiers are foiling these attacks. The military commander announced that the terrorists killed or arrested, in these attacks, are from Pakistan. Some of these terrorists are from Punjab province and some are from the Afridi gang, in Pakistan. The advanced weaponry with the Taliban is proving to be a challenge for the Afghan security agencies. The Afghan military officials are accusing that the Taliban has received these weapons from Pakistan military. At the same time, the Afghan army officials are also claiming that the Pakistan military has imparted training, to the terrorists from Jaish, Taliban and Al Qaeda. Taliban has denied any alliance with Jaish. But it had been exposed only a few days ago, that 400 terrorists from this Pakistani terrorist organisation, are in Afghanistan. The Afghan intelligence agencies had warned that these Jaish terrorists are plotting terror attacks in India with the help of Taliban and Al Qaeda.

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