Al Qaeda leader al-Masri killed by Afghan security forces during operation

Kabul: Afghan special forces killed Abu Mohsin Al-Masri, Al Qaeda’s second in command, in the Indian subcontinent region. Abu Mohsin Al-Masri, who was on the most wanted list of the United States, was a close confidante of Dr Ayman Al-Zawahiri. Abu Mohsin Al-Masri has been killed, while there is a conflict raging between the Afghan security forces and Taliban. Meanwhile, the number of casualties following a suicide blast, targeting an educational institution, has crossed 30. Most of the dead are students.

Al Qaeda leader Al-Masri killed in action taken by Afghan security forcesOn Saturday, the Afghan special forces killed Abu Mohsin Al-Masri a senior Al Qaeda leader, in the Ghazni province. Abu Mohsin Al-Masri was a citizen of Egypt. Afghanistan informed that he was leading the Al Qaeda group, in the Indian subcontinent and was second in command. He was also known as Abd-Al-Rauf. Afghan Internal Security Minister Masood Andrabi said that killing of Abu Mohsin Al-Masri in the Ghazni province underlines links between Al Qaeda and Taliban, who are acting against Afghanistan and the population of the country.

The United States issued an arrest warrant against Abu Mohsin Al-Masri, in 2018, holding him responsible for the killing of US citizens. He was one of the Most Wanted terrorists for the United States. He was a close associate of Al Qaeda Chief Dr Ayman Al-Zawahiri. He had prior information about the 9/11 attacks on the United States. The Afghan agencies have kept the information regarding the action, under wraps. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani congratulated the Afghan security forces for the achievement.

Al Qaeda leader Al-Masri killed in action taken by Afghan security forcesMeanwhile, on Saturday, the number of casualties, in the suicide attack targeting an educational institute a Kabul in Afghanistan, has crossed 30. IS has accepted the responsibility of the attack. Initially, Taliban was suspected of having a hand in the blast because Taliban carried out the previous attack. The incidence of terror attacks has increased in Afghanistan following the beginning of talks between Taliban and the Afghanistan government at Doha in Qatar and indications of US military withdrawal.

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