Over 30 militants killed in clashes with Afghan security forces

Kabul: 26 Talibani and 5 Lashkar-e-Taiba militants were killed in an action with the Afghan Armed Forces. 21 Talibani terrorists were killed in a skirmish in Badghis and Ghazni province, and five more militants were killed in Kabul. Moreover, five terrorists, including two Lashkar commanders, were killed in Dangam district. Over the last few months, the violence in Afghanistan has increased by multifold and information has surfaced that Pakistan is behind it.   

Afghan Armed Forces

The Afghan Forces obtained information that the militants were making efforts to destroy the defence posts. Thus, before the militants could do so, the Afghan Force killed them in an encounter. Moreover, nine Talibani terrorists were killed and six got injured in the Afghan Forces’ action in Chahar Dewar region, Andar district in the east of Ghazni province, Afghanistan. Furthermore, press media has informed that the Afghan Force killed 12 militants and injured one, in an airstrike in Karachagi village, Kadis district in Badghis province.   

Five terrorists got killed in an encounter in Kabul and four got injured. Besides, five Lashkar terrorists have been killed in action in Kunar Province. These included two commanders, Pacha Khan and Akhtar. There are about 6,500 active terrorists in Afghanistan. These include militants from Jaish-e-Mohammad and Lashkar-e-Taiba, as mentioned in a United Nations report.  

Moreover, this report also claimed that Pakistan is responsible for the increasing violence in Afghanistan. The militant encounter in Kunar province has exposed the involvement of Pakistani terror outfit in Afghanistan. It is also being claimed that Pakistan is making efforts to knock down the Afghanistan-Taliban peace talk.   

The Taliban attack in Afghanistan increased as the US began retreating its army. As per the information given by the Afghan army, 3560 soldiers have been martyred so far in these attacks. At the same time, 775 Afghan civilians have died and 1,609 are injured. Moreover, since the last two days, the Afghan forces have evidently intensified their action against the rising violence in the country.  

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