44 Taliban terrorists killed in Afghan military action

Kabul: The Afghan military killed 44 Taliban terrorists during actions taken in the Nangarhar and Farah provinces. There are only a few days left in the negotiations between the Afghan government and Taliban at Qatar. Even in this situation, the intensity of conflicts between the Afghan military and Taliban is increasing. The United States supports the actions of the Afghan military.

The Afghan military carried out major actions, in the Nangarhar province in the east and the Farah Province in the Southeast. The Taliban had made preparations to launch an Afghan military post at the Pachiragam district of the Nangarhar province, late on Thursday. But as soon as the Afghan military got the plot’s information, the Afghan military cornered the terrorists in the Vali Nav region and launched an attack. 18 Taliban terrorists were killed on the spot in this action of the Afghan military. The action of the Afghan military got airstrike support from the United States. The officials in Nangarhar informed that precise attacks were launched on the Taliban terrorists, keeping in view the Afghan population’s safety. Before this, the Afghan military launched an attack on the Farah province’s Taliban locations near the Iraq border.

The Afghan defence ministry informed that the Taliban terrorists in the Farah province also were preparing to attack the Afghan military. But 26 Taliban terrorists were killed and 14 were injured in action initiated by the Afghan military, in the Bala-Bolok district, before the Taliban terrorists could initiate the attack. The Afghan military seized a huge haul of arms and ammunitions from the Taliban terrorists, during the action. Moreover, the Afghan soldiers destroyed three underground tunnels and eight bases of the Taliban, taking control of the district. The intensity of the conflict between the Afghan military and the Taliban is increasing by the day. Two days ago, it was reported that the Afghan military launched air attacks on the Taliban bases in the Kandahar province. Claims are also being made that the Taliban terrorists have started using drones to attack the Afghan military.

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