80 killed in a powerful bomb blast in Afghanistan

Kabul : By causing a disastrous bomb blast killing 80 and injuring 350, the terrorist group has managed to shake the very roots of this country. The embassies of Iran and Germany have suffered heavy damages while an Iranian envoy has been injured. It is believed that the embassies of India, Japan, France and China felt the tremors caused by the blast. As yet no terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the blast. Pakistan promptly registered its protest by condemning the blast.


The terrorist carried out this massive explosion by banging a truck filled with explosives in the Zanbaq Square area of Kabul which locates embassies of various other nations as well as other important offices. Although the site of the blast has been near the embassies of Iran and Germany and the embassies of other nations are also located in the area, it is yet not clear which embassy was the exact target of the attackers. Also no terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for this attack. Taliban too, has refused any responsibility for the attack.

The explosion has been so massive that the ceilings of some buildings have collapsed. It is feared that some others have been buried under the debris. Due to this the number of people dead is expected to rise. The number of women and children is more  amongst the dead in this bomb blast.

The buildings which were in a 200 meter periphery of the blast site have been damaged. The embassies of Iran and Germany have suffered huge damages and the Iranian Ambassador Mohammad Bahrami has been injured in this blast. It has been reported that some employees of the Japanese embassy have also been injured. The driver of the van of the International BBC news channel has been  killed and four of the BBC reporters  injured in the attack.

The Indian embassy is said to be close to the site of the bomb blast. Though the building of the Indian embassy has suffered some damage, the officials and employees of the  embassy are safe, so informs the Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj.

This attack has been condemned throughout the world. The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi while condemning the attack said that India would stand firm with Afghanistan, and oppose terrorists firmly. It is necessary to wipe out powers who support terrorists, said the Indian Prime Minister, while aiming at Pakistan, the main supporter of terrorists. The major nations, the US, UK, Germany, Japan, China, France have condemned this attack. Pakistan too, registered its protest and condemned the attack after the blast.

The US Defense Secretary, James Mattis, has said that the prevailing year should be a tough one for all the foreign armies who have been deployed in Afghanistan. At the same time, US, to gain more control over Afghanistan, is preparing to deploy additional 50 thousand soldiers there. With the latest blast, US would seem more firm in its determination to deploy additional forces. At the same time, if it becomes clear that the perpetrators behind the attack should be the Taliban or other terrorist organizations which have  backing from Pakistan, then it is indicated that Pakistan will have to pay for the deeds.     

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