Five soldiers killed in a suicide attack in Afghanistan  

Kabul: – Taliban terrorists launched an attack on an Afghan military base in the Helmand province. Five Afghan soldiers were killed in the attack. Few hours before this attack, the Afghan government released 98 Taliban terrorists from detention. Taliban launching an attack even after that delivers a strong message to the world that the brutal conflict in Afghanistan will continue.   

The Afghan military has a base in Nahar-e-Siraj region of the Helmand province. The Taliban was conspiring to launch a fierce attack causing massive casualties. But it has not succeeded in its objective. Taliban terrorists launched a suicide attack near the security post of the military base. A car loaded with explosives was dashed against the post. Five soldiers were killed in this attack, and seven were injured. Taliban claimed that 18 soldiers were killed in the attack.  

A few hours before the attack, the Afghan government released 98 Taliban terrorists from prisons. Jawed Faisal, the spokesman of the National Security Council of Afghanistan, said that this was in accordance with the peace deal signed with the Taliban. The Afghan government has released more than 750 Taliban terrorists from prisons since signing the peace deal with the Taliban. But the Taliban had demanded that 5,000 Taliban members should be released from the prisons.  

Although the Afghan government is fulfilling its side of the agreement, the Taliban does not seem to be in a mood to abide by the peace deal. Taliban is continuing with the terrorist activities even after signing the peace deal. The Taliban attack on the Afghan military post only proves this point. 

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