Hungary is not a nation of refugees and never would be, Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orbone

Budapest : Hungary is not a nation of refugees and does not want to be known so in the future.” I shall not allow Hungary to get such an identity”, was a stern message given by the Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orbone. Dismissal of Hungary and Slovakia’s petition challenging the European Union’s plans of giving shelter to refugees, by the European Court of Justice has invoked sharp reactions in Hungary and PM Orbone has observed that it is a beginning of the political confrontation with the European Union.

Prime Minister Victor Orbone

“Hungarian government has taken note of the European Court of Justice’s verdict but we have not given up the fight” was the strong message given by PM Orbone. He levelled serious allegations against the European Union. “European Union is engineering changes in the ethnic mix and cultural identities in the continent to make way for a cosmopolitan society and mixed culture” he said. Only those Nations who were engaged in colonization in the past are in favour of accepting the refugees he remarked. “Hungary has not inherited any history of colonization unlike bigger European Union Nations who have now become nations of refugees inherited by them from the colonization in the past” claimed PM Orbone.

Earlier in 2015 EU had approved an ambitious plan named “Migrant Relocation Scheme” for migrants. Millions of migrants who had thronged Greece and Italy were to be relocated in the member nations, according to the EUs plan. However, the east European countries namely Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia had voted against this plan. Thereafter, while Romania, Czech Republic and Slovakia accepted some refugees, Poland and Hungary have not accepted a single one in their countries. Hungary and Slovakia had challenged Migrant Relocation Scheme, however the European Court of Justice dismissed the petition on Wednesday and observed its displeasure over the tactics adopted by Hungary and some other member states to stall the refugee relocation programme.

However in spite of the European Court of Justice’s verdict, East European Nations have continued to maintain their aggressive stance and the warning issued by the Hungarian PM are being perceived as signals of the brewing confrontation among the European Union members. More than 2 million migrants have taken refuge in the Europe in last 3 years and the flux continues relentlessly Europe has experienced increasing incidences of crime and terrorist attacks in the wake of migration of refugees on a massive scale and fears of disruptions in the European social order and culture have been expressed by the observers.

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