Pressure over migrant issue will destroy European Union, warns Czech Republic’s Prime Minister

Prague: The Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Andrej Babis, has given a strong warning that the European Union will get destroyed, if European Union tries to pressurize Eastern Europe and other countries to accept more migrants. The European Commission initiated legal action last week against Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary over the migrants issue. This drew strong reactions from these three countries and statement from Czech PM is also a part of it.

migrant-issue“The (European) Commission can withdraw the charge regarding the migrant issue at any moment. We have to negotiate on this and think of different solutions. But we will not accept any refugees under any circumstances. If we are pressurized to do so, it will encourage radical and extremist groups. If the EU won’t listen to our proposals, then the influence of extremists parties like Germany’s AfD or the Czech’s SPD will grow. These groups are actually working to destroy the EU.” Babis has thus warned the EU in no uncertain terms.

The European Union had prepared a separate plan to send migrants to member nations in September 2015. According to this plan, approximately one hundred sixty thousand migrants were to be relocated to the 28 member nations. However, Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic had opposed this plan and had denied to accept any refugees. These three nations have not sheltered even a single migrant in the last 2 years.

This stance infuriated the EU and they warned them of legal action. In spite of these warnings, these nations did not change their stance over the refusal to host migrants and therefore the EU proceeded to take legal action. Accordingly, petition will be filed in the EU’s court against these three nations. At the same time, the EU has hinted cut off in various fundings and concessions given to these nations.

The three nationshave made it clear that they are not going to change their stand despite legal proceedings against them. Poland has said that they are not scared of any warnings and the legal action taken by the EU. Hungary’s PM had previously announced sparking a conflict with the EU over the migrant issue. Claiming that the migrant issue will spell the end of the European Union, Czech Republic has manifested the threat to be a serious one. .

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