Soros is working hard for Islamization of Europe

Budapest : George Soros, a richest entrepreneur of Hungarian-American origin in support with the European Union is striving to islamize Europe, harshly accuses the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán. To retain Europe in its own original identity, it is important to regain the sovereignty of Europe from the clutches of the Soros empire, called upon Prime Minister Orbán. There are indications that this criticism made by Orbán has increased the aggressiveness of the campaign against Soros.

Since the last few months, the Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán and the ruling party have taken a strong lead in expressing their opinions against the richest entrepreneur Soros. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had blamed that Soros, in an attempt to dissolve the Government of Hungary, is demanding to accept the refugees. Likewise, the PM had also taken the controversial decision of shutting down ‘Central European University’ financed by Soros. Challenging posters have also been put up in Hungary stating ‘Don’tlet Soros have the last laugh’.

George Soros had issued a statement counter-blasting Orbán and clarifying his stand. ‘The Hungarian government doing wrong propaganda against me is reflective of Jewish hatred and reminds us of the dark past of Europe’s history’, alleged Soros in his statement. Post this, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu had visited Hungary. During his visit, Orbán had made a statement giving an assurance of security to the Jewish population in the country.

It was expected that the campaign against Soros would stop after the Israel Prime Minister’s visit. However, in a program in Romania, Orbán alleged EU partnering with Soros which further intensified the campaign against Soros.

‘In the upcoming elections in Hungary, we will have to strongly fight against the external forces. We have to strongly face the mafia network run by Soros and also fight the EU bureaucracy. We will have to fight against the media controlled by Soros and the EU in the upcoming 9 months.’, clarified the Prime Minister Orbán, precisely pointing towards a struggle levelled up in terms of severity against Soros and the European Federation in the near future.

The Prime Minister also accused the European Union in taking a lead with Soros, by going against the wish of public. The PM affirmed that Hungary is blocking the way of refugees into the country by supporting the built-up fences which will protect not just the country, but will also bear the responsibility of Europe’s security. The PM also warned of actions carried by individuals or groups, intending to change the Europe’s culture and identity will not be supported as the end result will only lead to the destruction of Europe.

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