Houthis attack main cities in Yemen, violating the ceasefire

Sana: – The United Nations had appealed to warring factions in all the countries, to impose a ceasefire, to fight the Coronavirus pandemic. Within only a few days of this appeal, the Houthi rebels, from Yemen, seem to have violated the ceasefire. The Houthi rebels have violated the truce, 241 times in the last 48 hours. Against this background, Saudi Arabia has expressed willingness to hold negotiations with the Houthi rebels.

The Houthi rebels carried out missile attacks on Al-Jaaf and Niham cities along with the city of Marib. The Yemenis military spokesman informed that they have increased the intensity of the attacks since the last 48 hours. The Houthi rebels have been carrying out attacks in these areas since January, which has resulted in the migration of more than 40,000 civilians.

Four years ago, Houthi rebels declared a conflict against the Hadi government in Yemen. Saudi Arabia and the Arab allies declared support to the Hadi government and formed an armed front, to fight the Houthi rebels. The United Nations had appealed to all these warring groups for a ceasefire, in view of the rampant Coronavirus pandemic in the world. Accordingly, Saudi announced a two-week ceasefire. But the ceasefire is not acceptable to the Houthi rebels and they accused that this is a Saudi conspiracy against them.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia even expressed willingness to negotiate with the Houthi rebels, following the appeal of the United Nations, to be prepared for the fight against Coronavirus.

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