Turkey preparing to push Coronavirus infected migrants into Europe accuses Greek newspaper  

Athens: – Turkey has prepared to push thousands of immigrants into Europe through Greece. These Turkish movements have been exposed through satellite photographs. But a newspaper in Greece levelled a sensational accusation that under the disguise of the immigrants, Turkey is preparing to push Coronavirus infected patients, into Europe. Against this background, Greece has beefed up the security on the border and has also increased patrolling by the navy and air force, along with the coast guard.   

Turkey is bringing the immigrants to the shores from immigrant camps. These movements have been exposed in the satellite photographs published by the Greek government. Stelios Petsas, the spokesman of the Greek government, lashed out at Turkey, taking cognisance of the movements near the Turkish coast. Petsas warned that Greece was prepared to defend its sovereign rights and the marine limits. Even in the past, Turkey had pushed immigrants at the Greek border. But Petsas said that the current immigrant movements, picked up by the satellite photographs, are indicating differently. The Greek government informed that, against this background, the marine and air patrolling has been increased.  

Currently, the Coronavirus is on a rampage around the world. The Greek newspaper raised doubts over the Turkish intentions in the current scenario. The newspaper accused that Turkey is trying to push Coronavirus infected patients into Europe. Since the last few months, Turkey and European countries are at loggerheads over the immigrant issue. Thereafter, Turkey threatened to release immigrants into Europe. The Greek newspaper claimed that Turkey was trying to take revenge against the European countries, by sending the immigrants into Greece through the marine route.  

As per the agreement signed with the European countries, Turkey is housing the immigrants coming from Syria and other countries. The European countries are providing huge financial assistance to Turkey for this purpose. But Turkey has initiated movements to send these immigrants into Europe, violating this agreement. Turkey had stopped these immigrants after the onset of Coronavirus. But now, after the publications of satellite photographs by the Greek government, it is apparent that Turkey is preparing to realise the threat issued to the European countries.  

Meanwhile, 1,296 people have died because of Coronavirus in Turkey and there are more than 61,000 cases in the country. 

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