WHO cornered as US stops funding  

Washington: – US President Trump lashed out at the World Health Organisation (WHO) in a vitriolic language ‘The United States, who has been contributing nearly USD 400 to 500 million to the WHO, desires to use the funds in a better way. Therefore, I have issued instructions to the officials of my administration to stop the funding provided to the WHO.’ President Trump justified his decision saying that the WHO made an inordinate delay, favouring China, in revealing the information regarding Coronavirus, thus pushing the world into the pandemic crisis.  

After the Coronavirus outbreak in the Chinese city of Wuhan, it was the responsibility of the WHO to send its team of observers to assess the situation there. But the WHO connived with China who wanted to hide the details from the world. Because of this, the epidemic, which could have been contained in a smaller area in China, transformed into a pandemic and the entire world is paying dearly for this conspiracy. All this has happened because of the irresponsible behaviour of the WHO. Trump stated that the United States makes a substantial contribution of nearly USD 400 to 500 million for WHO. Yet, the WHO favours China, whose contribution is meagre as compared to the United States.  

But this will not be tolerated in the future. Trump has increased the pressure on the WHO, along with China immensely, with his announcement that the United States was stopping the funding of the WHO and the funds will be used for better purposes in the coming times. The US leaders also had targeted the WHO for favouring China, who is responsible for the Coronavirus pandemic crisis, faced by the world. The United Kingdom and Taiwan had endorsed US criticism. Therefore, there are indications that the United States will soon be teaching a lesson to the WHO as well as China.  

Nearly 15% of the WHO funding comes from the United States. The United States is the biggest sponsor for the WHO. Therefore, major repercussions are possible because of the decision taken by President Trump. The Chinese foreign ministry has expressed concern that the war against Coronavirus will suffer too because of the US decision and has appealed that the United States should not shirk its responsibility. The German Foreign Minister has also criticised the United States’ decision.   

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has justified the decision taken by the US President. There is a dense possibility of the US allies following the steps of the United States. There are indications that President Trump is preparing to initiate tough action against China, the origin of the Coronavirus pandemic. Reports regarding this have already started appearing in the international media. A petition demanding an astronomical compensation from China, who is responsible for the Coronavirus pandemic, also has been filed in a US court.  

Senior ministers in the British cabinet have already claimed that once the pandemic menace is brought under control, a political front will be formed against China and that country would be taught a lesson. Japan too, has taken an aggressive stand against WHO for covering up for China. US lawmakers are demanding the resignation of the pro-Chinese Director-General of the WHO, Tedros Ghebreyesus. At the same time, the western media have dug up the past of Ghebreyesus, announcing the details of him working as a Chinese agent. 

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