Famine and starvation in Africa – the biggest humanitarian crisis since 1945, cautions UN

Unites Nations : In the African continent, just four countries contribute to more than two million citizens suffering from famine and starvation. The UN has claimed that this has been the biggest humanitarian crisis since 1945. If the international community does not come together to mutually resolve this issue, there will be no other option but to witness lakhs of citizens dying of starvation. In recent days, there was news of more than 110 people dying of starvation in just 48 hours in Somalia.

The UN’s office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, (OCHA) senior officer, Stephen O’Brien brought attention to the humanitarian crisis during his address at the Security Council meeting in New York. He mentioned that in today’s time, there are more than two crore people from the four African countries who are facing starvation and drought situation. Countries like Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia and Nigeria are in dire need of funds on a large scale.

O’Brien, a senior officer at UN’s OCHA, specified that they need around 4.4 billion dollars in financial aid to solve the famine and starvation crisis in these four countries in Africa. He also underlined that within these four countries, Yemen alone will need more than two billion dollars in aid.

In Yemen, around 1.25 crore citizens are suffering from famine and starvation, while in South Sudan, 50 lakh citizens are facing starvation. In Somalia, its 29 lakh while in Nigeria its more than 18 lakh people who seek the financial aid, as informed by the UN.

Last month itself, UN’s General Secretary had appealed for  financial aid for the famine and starvation crisis in Africa. Further to this, the UN claimed that a place called “Horn of Africa” needs urgent assistance as it has faced severe famine and starvation crisis. The countries included in the “Horn of Africa” are Yemen, South Sudan, Nigeria and Somalia. The UN has claimed that both the Human Rights Organization and “World Food Program” have estimated at least 90 crore dollars of financial aid needed by Somalia.

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