US must provide clarification on ‘Wikileaks’ revelations: urges Russian Foreign Ministry

Moscow: After the ‘Wikileaks’ made the stunning revelation that the US intelligence agency was involved in espionage on the whole world via smart phones, smart TVs and other state-of-the-art technologies, Russia demanded an explanation from the US on the subject. The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that it was a serious issue and since it involved the security of the entire world, the US Security Agency must provide a clarification for it. A former ‘CIA’ official had clarified to a Russian News Agency that the US intelligence agency, the ‘CIA’ was now a ‘Cyber-Military’ organization.

‘Wikileaks’ has made public nearly 8,761 documents related to the ‘CIA‘. This had created a sensation in the media across the globe. It brought to light the shocking matter of the espionage committed by the US intelligence agency on the whole world. It was evident due to the stunning revelations made by these documents that the hackers working for the ‘CIA’ could make use of any device ranging from Smart phones to Smart TVs located in anyone’s home. Wikileaks had claimed that this information accounted for a very small part of the espionage carried out by the ‘CIA’, but in reality, the ‘CIA’ was capable of much more. However, due to these documents, we can take a good estimate of the capabilities of the ‘CIA’, also claimed Wikileaks.

The said revelations have shocked the US and its intelligence agency officials have expressed their displeasure over it. Some have even accused Russia of being behind these revelations. While others have remarked that the revelations have put the security of the US at risk. 

However, it was evident that this information was a threat to the global security and that the US Security Agency must clarify on it, demanded the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova. Likewise, such sensitive information had been revealed even in the past, however, the information was suppressed over a period of time, reprimanded Zakharova.

While speaking to a Russian News channel, the former ‘CIA’ officer, John Kiriakou has expressed his concern over the matter. Nobody has given the ‘CIA’ the right to intrude into the citizen’s privacy and proves to be a breach of the US law; however, the ‘CIA’ has no regard for it, criticized Mr. Kiriakou. He further said that although the ‘CIA’ guarantees that there is no espionage being carried out on the US citizens, he did not believe it. He went on to accuse the ‘CIA’ of being a ‘Cyber-Military‘ organisation now.

The current officials at the ‘CIA’ were appointed by former President Obama and consider the current President Trump a threat. Kiriakou has said that he will be fighting against such officials. As per the US law, unless it had a plausible reason the government cannot espionage on the citizens. The US Congress had also warned the ‘CIA’ in this regard and yet it was still being carried out, claimed Kiriakou. However, he regrets that the US citizens have not raised their voices against the espionage being carried out on them, stated Kiriakou in his interview with a Russian news channel.

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