Extensive robotic war exercises begin in the United Kingdom

Third World WarLondon: While there is a massive campaign against the use of killer robots in the defence sector at the international level, the advanced countries have begun a dress rehearsal of their use in a war like situation. ‘Autonomous Warrior’, the war exercises using robotic technology have been started in the United Kingdom from Monday. There is participation from nearly 200 soldiers and more than 70 futuristic systems that would be used in future wars by the defence forces. British Defence Minister has strongly supported the robotic war exercises.

war-exercisesBritish Defence Minister Williamson gave information regarding the exercises saying, ‘this is the first major war exercise using robotic technology and this will enable the British soldiers to handle various systems. Assistance from advanced companies in the United Kingdom and abroad has been taken even in the past for the futuristic British military. But now it is going to be used directly on the battlefield. While instability is consistently increasing in the world, this technology will revolutionise the British military and ensure their safety.’

The Royal Tank Regiment Battle Group of the Armed Infantry Brigade has been assigned the responsibility for the war exercises. Other than these, the US military would also be participating in the exercises along with the Royal Marines, Royal Airforce and Defence Science and Technology Laboratory departments of the British Defence Forces. Moreover, companies and undertakings working in the robotic technology sector will be participating in the ‘Autonomous Warrior’ exercises with more than 70 systems and products.

In these exercises that will last for nearly four weeks, the stress is on practising technology that will be used on the battlefield. These include various activities like surveillance, precisely hitting long-range targets, fast movements, rapid delivery of essential provisions to the army and conflicts in civilian areas. These are the second British war exercises based on robotic technology. The British Navy had shown a glimpse of robotic technology through Unmanned Warrior exercises in 2016.

The United Kingdom has created a special Defence Invention Fund with a provision of GBP 800 million. The stress on robotic technology is a part of the same initiative, and it is evident from the new exercises that the United Kingdom will be stressing even more on the use of this technology in the times to come.

On the same lines as the United Kingdom, Australia too has undertaken war exercises based on a robotic technology named Autonomous Warrior 2018. and it is said that officials from other countries will also be participating in these exercises. The war exercises undertaken by the United Kingdom and Australia bear evidence to the increasing influence of Killer Robots in the battlefield in the future.

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