Expel all Chinese citizens from Kenya, demand the Kenyan lawmakers

Nairobi – Moses Kuria, a Kenyan lawmaker, made a vitriolic demand that all the Chinese citizens be expelled from Kenya. Reports had been published that the African people were ill-treated during the Coronavirus pandemic in China. The Kenyan citizens in China also had faced atrocities. The Kenyan lawmaker has made his demand based on these reports, and similar ones are being heard from the other African countries too.

Videos of abusive treatment being meted out to the African people had been making rounds. Some videos showed that the African people were expelled from their houses and the hotels they were staying in. These African citizens had to survive on the roads because of this.

These Africans had posted an open appeal ‘Please relieve us from this hell’ through the videos. Following these videos of their brothers’ sufferings, the Kenyan lawmaker, Moses Kuria, lambasted that the Chinese citizens should be expelled from the country.

China has made massive investments in the African continent and seeing the current anti-China sentiment in Africa, this investment is under a serious threat. China may suffer huge setbacks because of this in the time to come.

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