US files a lawsuit for a compensation of USD 20 trillion from China

Third World WarWashington: A leading US group and a company have filed a lawsuit, demanding payment of USD 20 trillion, against the Chinese government, military and concerned organisations in a US court. The group has alleged that China has developed the Coronavirus as a biological weapon. The amount demanded as compensation is three times the Chinese GDP.


This petition has been filed by Larry Klayman, attorney for ‘Freedom Watch Advocacy Group,’ and a company from Texas two days ago. As per the charges levelled by Klayman, Chinese President Xi Jinping, the chief of People’s Liberation Army, Wuhan Institute of Virology and other concerned organisations are responsible for the thousands of deaths around the globe due to Coronavirus.

China has killed thousands of civilians by using this virus as a biological weapon and has equipped the terrorists with a new weapon. Klayman accused that this is one way of providing the terrorist with weapons of mass destruction. Before Klayman, even the US senators had accused China of using the virus as a biological weapon. But China had dismissed this allegation.

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