Chinese virologist claims to have scientific evidence proving Coronavirus was developed in Wuhan lab

Washington: – Dr Li Meng Yan, the Chinese Virologist, claimed that Coronavirus, which is causing havoc in the world, was developed in the Wuhan laboratory, in China and will produce Scientific evidence to prove that. The Chinese Virologist with this claim during and interview with the ITV channel in the United Kingdom, once again pinned the blame for the Coronavirus pandemic on China. So far, the Coronavirus pandemic, which started in the city of Wuhan in China, has claimed more than 900,000 lives around the world.   

The patients of Coronavirus were found in the city of Wuhan since January, this year. Thereafter, in the last eight months, the virus has spread to 200 countries, around the world and more than 25 million people have been infected. The United States has been the worst-hit with more than 6.5 million cases. US President Donald Trump had accused in the very beginning of the pandemic that China is responsible for the spread of the virus and had warned that China would have to face dire consequences for this. Many researchers and medical experts have accused that the origin of Coronavirus is indeed China and Dr Li Meng Yan leads the brigade.   

Dr Li Meng Yan, born in China and serving as a researcher in the ‘School of Public health’ in Hongkong, had given an interview to the US news channel ‘Fox News’, a few months ago. During the interview, Dr Li had accused China of hiding facts regarding the Coronavirus pandemic. Dr Li created a sensation with the claim ‘Along with the Chinese government, the senior medical officials and researchers were aware of the main modes of spread of the virus. I had already submitted my report warning regarding the spread of the epidemic, to my superiors, in the first week of January. But the superiors ignored my research and asked me to keep quiet regarding the matter. China was fully aware that the Coronavirus spreads through the human transmission. Many lives could have been saved if this information was revealed. But China hid the information from the world.’  

Thereafter, Dr Li warned, during an interview with a British news channel, that she will soon be exposing the evidence that the Coronavirus was indeed developed in the Wuhan laboratory, to the world. Dr Li claimed during the interview that the Genome of the Coronavirus is like the human fingerprint. It is not natural. I will prove how was this virus developed in the Chinese laboratories and how only they could have developed this virus, based on evidence in my hand. The Chinese researcher warned that it is important to find the origin of the virus; otherwise, it’s a major threat for everyone in the world.   

Along with Dr Li Meng Yan, Xi Zhengli, the Chief researcher at the Wuhan laboratory, also had accepted that the Coronavirus was developed in the Wuhan laboratory. But she later withdrew the statement, under pressure from the Chinese government. Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier, also had levelled a direct allegation that the Coronavirus had been developed in the Wuhan laboratory in China. Montagnier had claimed during an interview, with a French news channel, that the research was being conducted since the last 20 years in the Wuhan laboratory and China had gained a solid grip over the research. 

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