Protests in Japan against China’s ‘compulsory Mandarin’ policy for Inner Mongolia

Tokyo: – Non-resident Mongolian citizens held protests in the Japanese capital of Tokyo. China has made the mandarin language compulsory, instead of the local language, in the schools in Inner Mongolia, an autonomous Chinese province. The non-resident Mongolian citizens held protests against this order.  

Since the last few days, protests are being held in Inner Mongolia against the Chinese oppression. The non-resident Mongolian citizens also are protesting, in countries other than China, against the Chinese language policy.   

A few days ago, non-resident Mongolian citizens held protests against China, in the Japan capital, Tokyo. A minimal number of Mongolian citizens were present at that time. But on Saturday, thousands of Mongolian citizens, wearing masks, condemned China, during the protests held in Tokyo. All these people gave anti-China slogans.  

The local people of Inner Mongolia are accusing that China is trying to destroy the local language, culture and traditions of Inner Mongolia, using its economic, political and military might.   

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