China locks people in homes to stop Delta variant

Beijing – Delta variant has been reported in 40 cities, including the Chinese capital, Beijing, and Wuhan, where the Coronavirus originated. Chinese authorities have begun using their steel paws to prevent the outbreak, and videos of sealed homes and buildings have been released. Last year, Wuhan, a city in China, was rocked by reports of several blackouts in the civilian settlements.


China, Wuhan, Coronavirus, Pandemic, Delta variantAt the end of 2019, a Coronavirus epidemic was found in Wuhan, China. Over the next few months, the Chinese regime claimed to have brought the Coronavirus under control through lockdowns, mass testing, construction of large hospitals and the use of locally developed vaccines. Claiming to have brought the pandemic under control, China had fired salvos of criticism on the vaccination campaigns against the Coronavirus by other countries, including the West.

In the last few weeks, a large number of Delta variant cases have been found in China. The new Coronavirus has spread to 48 cities in 18 provinces, according to the information given by the Chinese authorities on Friday. They also include the capital Beijing and Wuhan, the birthplace of the Coronavirus. The number of new cases has risen to 1,200, with most of the patients being of the Delta variant. This growing variant will pose a new challenge to China’s regime, local experts have warned.

Against this backdrop, new videos have surfaced on social media in China. A Chinese employee wearing a hazmat suit is shown sealing homes of Coronavirus patients with iron bars. Homes that open their doors more than three times a day are also being sealed. The videos also show that when two or three patients are found in a society, the whole community is sealed, and people are not allowed to go out. The videos have been published on Twitter as well as YouTube, along with the Chinese website Weibo.

Last year, videos of the horrific situation in several urban settlements in Wuhan were released in March and May. Against the background of these videos, local human rights activists claimed that the Chinese agencies were hiding the truth about the new outbreak of Coronavirus. The latest videos that have resurfaced have brought the issue on the anvil on the international level. There are indications that China is trying to hide the truth about the new Coronavirus epidemic.

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