China trying systematically to hide the origin of Coronavirus

Beijing: – An international news agency accused that the Chinese communist government is making systematic efforts to ensure that the Coronavirus pandemic’s origin, which is playing havoc in the world for the last one year, is not exposed. Associated Press (AP), the news agency, headquartered in the United States, disclosed that the Chinese agencies created obstacles in the campaign to reach the origin of the Coronavirus pandemic. A few days ago, a Chinese court handed out a four-year prison sentence to a female journalist by exposing information regarding the Coronavirus pandemic. Now with this AP report, the accusations levelled against the Chinese government seem to be getting endorsed.   


The number of Coronavirus cases worldwide has crossed 83.5 million, and the number of deaths has crossed 1.8 million. Except for China and some other countries, there is a faster spreading second wave of Coronavirus. At the same time, it has been announced that the World Health Organisation will be sending a medical team to China. This team will try to collect more information regarding Coronavirus from the Chinese agencies.   

Against this background, the AP report once again raises doubts regarding the Chinese role in the pandemic. It is said that the Coronavirus pandemic started in the animal market at Wuhan in China. It had been revealed that the virus began spreading from the bats in this market. The species of bats, in which the virus was detected, are found in the caves in Wuhan. Taking this into account, some foreign researchers started studying the bats in these caves.   

The news agency claimed, ‘But the Chinese agencies did not allow the researchers to reach the caves. The equipment and other materials of researchers who could conduct any studies were confiscated. The studies conducted by Chinese researchers was systematically suppressed. On the official level, the Chinese clarification always was that the research and studies are on and refused to share any other information with anyone. ‘The report also says that the Chinese agencies chased the team of AP reporters in Wuhan and stopped them from reaching the caves.   

A special task force had been formed under orders from the Chinese President Xi Jinping. The AP report claims that this task force was systematically suppressing Coronavirus’s information with the help of government agencies and media. Statements prepared by various Chinese institutions by giving grants have been suppressed, and the report revealed by a leading scientist like Shi Zhengli also been denied.  

Efforts have also been made to prove that the origin of Coronavirus is in some other country and not in China. The report claims that these efforts are a part of the Chinese campaign to absolve itself from responsibility. The report also says that along with obstructing the search for the origin of the pandemic, China has also hidden the information regarding the first case of Coronavirus.  

Before this, the United States, European countries and Australia had demanded that the Chinese rulers accept the Coronavirus pandemic’s responsibility and accused that the origin of the pandemic was in China. China had claimed that these accusations were politically motivated. But this report, by a reputed news agency like Associated Press, is very likely to corner China.  

A few days ago, Japanese Deputy Defence Minister Nakayama also had warned that China and the World Health Organisation should reveal all the information regarding the Coronavirus pandemic as the world is eagerly waiting for it.   

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