Four countries, including US, hold war exercises in Indo-Pacific amid tension with China

Guam: – While the Chinese activities are increasing in the Pacific sector, including the South China Sea, the United States has started comprehensive war exercises near Guam. Japan, Australia, South Korea are participating, along with the United States, in these exercises named as Pacific Vanguard. These are the second multinational war exercises organised by the United States in the Indo-Pacific region in the last one month.   

In July, the United States had adopted an open stand of conflict while clarifying its stand on the South China Sea. The United States had warned that it would stand firm with the countries in the South China Sea region, by accusing China of encroaching on the territories of the countries in the area. Despite this, China is continuing with its show of strength in the Indo-Pacific sector. In retaliation, the United States has started a spate of exercises with its allies in the region.   

The exercises, Pacific Vanguard, held near the Guam Islands is a part of the same retaliation. Eight warships, one submarine and more than 1,500 soldiers from Japan, Australia, South Korea and the United States, are participating in the exercises. Commander Christopher Gahl, a senior official in the US Navy, clarified the US stand behind the practices by saying that the United States was committed to the freedom of freight movement and stability in the Pacific sector.   

In July, the United States held comprehensive war exercises near the Guam Island, Gulf of Taiwan and in the marine limits of the Philippines. After that, in August, naval exercises, Rim of Pacific 2020, were also held. 22 warships, a submarine and more than 5,000 soldiers from ten countries participated in this exercise. These successive war exercises are believed to be a warning against the inciting Chinese activities. 

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