New outbreak of Coronavirus epidemic in China, patients found in 18 provinces including capital Beijing and Wuhan

Beijing – A new outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic has erupted in China. A lockdown has been imposed in the Haidian area after Coronavirus patients were found in the capital, Beijing. Seven cases have been reported in Wuhan, following Beijing. Coronavirus outbreaks have been reported in 18 provinces, including the two cities, and it is claimed that the new epidemic could hit the Chinese economy.


China, Coronavirus, Wuhan, Chinese Economy,A new Coronavirus patient has been found in the Guoxing community area in capital Beijing, and a lockdown has been announced in five surrounding areas, including the community area. A local radio channel said that the next decision would be taken after testing all the citizens in the area in the next two days. In Beijing, citizens have also been issued notices not to leave the city without a valid reason.

Restrictions have also been placed on tourists in Beijing. Planes, trains and buses from other affected Chinese cities to Beijing have been shut down. Three patients of Coronavirus were found in Beijing before the ones found in Guoxing. This brings the total number of Coronavirus patients in the capital to four. New patients have been found in the city of Wuhan, the birthplace of the Coronavirus, following Beijing.

Seven employees in the Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone have been infected with the virus. This is the first case of Coronavirus in Wuhan in a year. Coronavirus outbreaks have been reported in 27 cities in 18 Chinese provinces, including Beijing and Wuhan. According to Chinese authorities, Nanjing, Zhuzhou and Zhangjiajie are the three cities that have been the centre of the new outbreak. Lockdown was also announced in Zhuzhou and Zhangjiajie last week.

On Monday, 55 cases were found in various parts of China, thus bringing the total to 360. According to Chinese authorities, the patient found in Nanjing, Jiangsu, is of the Delta variant. Analysts claim that the new outbreak has hit tourism and other industries and will definitely impact the Chinese economy.

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