Probe Wuhan lab as origin of Coronavirus: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Washington/Beijing: The laboratory, Wuhan Institute of Virology, in Wuhan, China, has direct links with the Chinese military. In 2019, researchers from this institute were experimenting on the Coronavirus found in bats. This virus is 96% compatible to the Coronavirus that has caused the pandemic. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made a startling revelation that some researchers from the Wuhan Institute even fell sick in 2019 and Coronavirus symptoms had been observed in them. At this time, Pompeo said that the United States has confidential information regarding this and the World Health Organisation (WHO) should investigate the Wuhan laboratory thoroughly.


Probe Wuhan lab as origin of Coronavirus: US Secretary of State Mike PompeoA team of WHO reached China to inquire about the Coronavirus pandemic, but it did not clarify the exact responsibilities assigned to the team. It has been exposed that the team has been denied permission to visit the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Against this background, the information disclosed by the US Secretary of State and the demand based on that becomes significant. While revealing this information, Pompeo also accused China of not telling any information to the international community regarding the origin and other Coronavirus pandemic issues. While claiming the confidential information in US possession, Pompeo mentioned the RaTG13 virus. This is the Coronavirus which is found in the bats. Research regarding this virus is being carried out in the Wuhan laboratory since 2016. Pompeo claimed that the laboratory has made all the information collected regarding this virus disappear. At the same time, Pompeo accused that although the laboratory claims to be a civilian organisation, the laboratory is carrying out research connected to the Chinese military since 2017.

Probe Wuhan lab as origin of Coronavirus: US Secretary of State Mike PompeoPompeo demanded that WHO should visit the Wuhan Institute of Virology and check all the research before the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic. Various research institutions and experts have claimed that the Coronavirus has been developed in the Chinese laboratory, and it has spread accidentally or on purpose from the laboratory. The reporters and scientists from China had also endorsed the theory. But the Chinese government has kept all the information regarding this under wraps.

Last year, Chinese researcher Dr Lee Meng had claimed that the origin of the Coronavirus pandemic, which is playing havoc globally, is in the Wuhan laboratory in China, and she will produce scientific evidence to prove this. The Chinese researcher had also warned that the origin of the virus has to be known, or else, it can be a threat for everyone around the world. US President Donald Trump also had warned that the origin of the Coronavirus pandemic is in China and China will have to pay a dear price for it.

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