European Union had unfair trade with the US, alleges American President while EU threatens trade war

London : ‘Although the trade between the US and the European Union (EU) is very old, the EU has behaved unfairly with the American exporters. I have suffered this unfair treatment as an entrepreneur, before becoming the president’ criticised American president Trump. Meanwhile there are strong reactions coming from the EU about this criticism. ‘If the US stops the exports from EU it will amount to a trade war and EU is ready for such a trade war’ warned EU.

EU, US, trade war, donald trump, theresa mayLast week, during his visit to Switzerland for an international meeting, president Trump criticised the EU’s trade policies in an interview to a British news channel. ‘The American products do not get an easy market in Europe. It is very difficult to establish in the European markets. Whereas, on the other hand the products from the European countries are offered incentives and tax sops in the US. This is a wrong and unfair practice.’, criticised Trump.

‘Other countries have had unfair trade with the US. I can also give the names of such countries. But, EU has dealt unfairly with the US and they will have to compensate this loss.’, warned the American president.

President Trump had expressed his displeasure about the EU’s trade policies in his meeting with the British prime minister ‘Theresa May’. Also, ‘If I was the president in the times gone by, I would have dealt with EU in a different way’ warned Trump. President Trump supported the British decision to exit EU.

Before his interview with the British news channel, president Trump had strongly advocated his ‘America First’ policy while speaking at the ‘World Economic Forum’ in Davos. He had clarified that America is open to business and ‘America First’ does not mean ‘America alone’. At the same time he said, he was not opposed to the free trade concept, but, the trade should not be unilateral.

Meanwhile, after the Trump criticism in the interview to the British news channel, there are strong reactions coming from the EU. ‘EU’s trade is not based on a ‘No Profit’ principle. Trade is an opportunity to make profit. If there is obstruction to the EU trade or if the exports from any nations are affected, it will be the beginning of the trade war and EU will be prepared to retaliate for this war. The American action will be replied promptly and appropriately.’, warned the spokesperson of the EU.

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