Australia aims at increase in export of arms and ammunition

Canberra : Australia has set a target to be among the first 10 leading countries in the export of weapons. At present Australia stands 20th in the list of the countries exporting arms and ammunitions.

Australia-aims-increase-export-arms-ammunitionAustralia is preparing to invest more for selling its arms in the international market. The Turnbull government is said to create a fund of $3.1 billion for the same, said Australia’s Defense Industry Minister Christopher Pyne.

Australia’s, “Bushmaster infantry vehicles” have a great demand in the USA, the United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand. But the other arms and ammunitions from Australia have comparatively less demand in the international market. Pyne blamed the lack of proper policy planning by the previous governments for this. However this shall not be repeated by the Turnbull government, said Pyne. Henceforth there will be proper planned working in the Australian defense industry from the point of view of generating employment and expanding economy, assured Pyne.

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