An independent spy agency to be established for the US President, claims an online news agency

Washington: CIA Director Mike Pompeo has geared up to establish an independent spy agency to be controlled only by President Trump. A private military company, Black water’s, founder Erik Prince has been approached to assist in its formation. It is claimed that the US’s CIA, which is regarded as world’s most influential intelligence agency is under the command of ‘deep state’ i.e. illegal authorities or power centres instead of the President and thus the need to build new spy network was considered.

An-independent-spy-networkThis claim has been made by an online news agency, ‘The Intercept’ and this in any case has become a hot topic with the leading news media in the US and Europe. Erik Prince of ‘Black water’ as well as ‘Oliver North’, a national security aide to Ronald Reagan has proposed a plan to create private spy network, reported the online news agency. Moreover it has claimed that CIA Director, Mike Pompeo is lobbying for the approval of the said plan.

Further, the news agency has spread the word through its sources that ‘Director Pompeo does not trust CIA bureaucracy’.

Trump’s opposition and deep state could jeopardise the secret missions of the White house through their officials and agents and the responsibility to counter this rests with the private intelligence agency, Blackwater. These intelligence personnel will also travel to countries such as Iran and North Korea and it will be controlled only by President Trump and CIA director Pompeo, reports the news agency. The White House, ‘CIA’ and Blackwater have denied the news published by ‘The Intercept’ clearly. “No such network formation is being worked on by the White House”, said White house spokesperson Sarah Hukabi. CIA officials too criticized the website of publishing baseless news with no regard for the facts and Blackwater, as well, has denied all the claims.

A particular group of senior officials in the US has turned against Trump and can undermine his presidency anytime, say Trump supporters. In such circumstances, news of President’s private spy network is shedding light on the internal conflict in the US.

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