US and UK’s policy of military intervention in other nations has failed: British PM Theresa May

Philadelphia: The Prime Minister of Britain, Theresa May on her visit to the US made an appeal saying that the US and Britain policy of military interventions in other nations to create a World in their own image has proved to be a failure. Therefore, both the nations must not attempt to do this again. Also, this doesn’t mean that they should remain idle when their vested interests are being threatened. The US and Britain should reunite against this and protect their interests.

Theresa-May‘Theresa May’ will be the first National Leader to be meeting Donald Trump after becoming  the US  President. Prime Minister Theresa May who is on her US tour, clarified her stance in a program held at Pennsylvania ahead of talks with the president. Prime Minister May had expressed her disapproval towards some of Donald Trump‘s policies. Amongst these, the issue concerning the harassment of terrorists had proved to be controversial. By stating that she would always oppose this torture, whether she was addressing the issue to the attending audience or to Trump, Theresa May clarified that Trump and her hold mutually opposite standpoints.

By drawing attention to the principle that ‘opposites attract’, the British Prime Minister said that cooperation would be established with Trump. The Prime Minister of Britain also claimed that these differences would not obstruct the path of cooperation between the two countries. Theresa May also presented her views in detail on policies of both the nations. The Prime Minister of Britain expressed her forthright opinion that the US and Britain’s policy of military intervention in other countries to create a world in their own image has been proven to be ineffective. Hereby, in the future, Britain will not support US instigated war campaigns like those in Iran and Afghanistan, are indications being given by Theresa May claim certain analysts.

However, while speaking against the military interventions, Theresa May has also aggressively remarked that the nations supporting the US and Britain cannot be abandoned. Theresa May said that the US and Britain will have to take utmost efforts to safeguard Eastern Europe’s Estonia and Israel from the Middle East, which are their democratic allied nation. Theresa May also made an appeal by saying that the US and Britain should cooperate over the security of these countries especially considering the tough neighbourhood that these nations are in.

The US President, Donald Trump has shown signs of accepting the stance of cooperation and dialogue with the Russian President Vladimir Putin. While responding over this, Theresa May suggestively stated that although she does not mind the engaging in negotiation with Putin,  the US must beware.

The former US President, Ronald Reagan and the then Prime Minister of Britain, Margaret Thatcher had collaboratively made efforts to establish democratic systems in the Eastern European countries, reminded Theresa May. Prime Minister Theresa May made an argument by saying that they cannot let the efforts taken by Reagan and Thatcher go in vain, just because the Russian President, Putin wants superiority over the Eastern European countries. Therefore, even though Theresa May has been advising against the US and Britain’s military intervention in other nations, she now appears to be displaying sensitivity against Russia’s growing influence in Eastern Europe and also towards the Israel‘s security. The British Prime Minister has given a very clear message that Britain will not compromise on these two matters

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