Russia should adopt definite stand against vindictive thought process, appeals Israel prime minister

Moscow: ‘Whenever there exists a vindictive thought process, it is necessary that everyone unites against it and takes a stern stand against it. We have learnt this lesson from the rise and defeat of the Nazis.’, appealed Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel. He made this appeal during his meeting with the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Prime Minister Netanyahu brought up this issue of ‘Vindictive Thought process’ to attract the attention of Putin to the increasing Iranian influence in Syria and to make him understand the seriousness.


russia, vladimar putin, israel, netyanyahu, syria, iran, vindictive thoughtIsraeli Prime Minister Netanyahu made this important Russia visit for meeting with President Putin. The Israel government had released information that prime minister Netanyahu was meeting Putin to discuss about two issues namely Syria and Iran. Prime Minister Netanyahu while talking to the press during his flight to Russia, had criticised the Iranian activities in Syria. Therefore, the whole world was watching the developments in the discussions between the Israeli prime minister and the Russian president.

According to the reports in the Israeli and Russian media, Prime Minister Netanyahu cautioned Russia by giving references from the history. ‘The Jews and the Russians had to pay dearly in the Second World War. Sixty hundred thousand Jews and twenty million Russians lost their lives. After this the bravery of the ‘Red army’ resulted in a victory over the Nazi forces. Russia will have to take similar initiative again to counter this type of vindictive thought process’ said Netanyahu.

No other details of the meeting between the heads of state of Israel and Russia have been made public. Meanwhile, Israel has alleged that Iran has established its military base in Syria and has started a missile factory in Lebanon. Out of these, the Israeli prime minister criticised the Iranian activities in Syria. Before the Russia visit, Prime Minister Netanyahu had warned that if Iran does not refrain from making its bases in Syria, Israel will have to take action to stop this.

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