European Union may collapse due to the dominion of aggressive right-wing groups, claims French Minister

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Paris: ‘The domination of the groups with an aggressive right-wing ideology opposing the European Union and the migrants is increasing within the European Union. If a firm stand is not adopted to stop these groups and decide the future of the Union, the Union may collapse,’ claimed French Minister for European Affairs, Nathalie Loiseau. On the other hand, Manfred Weber, a leading member of the European Parliament has warned that the fact is, the conventional European political groups will not be able to stop these right-wing groups.

The European Parliament will be going to polls in the next eight months and the political atmosphere is heating up for the same. There are indications that the migrant influx, the Brexit, and the financial control will be the main issues in these elections. The process of alignment of the right-wing groups with aggressive ideologies in Europe, has already started, which include the governments of Hungary, Italy, Austria and Poland as also the political parties from Romania, Czech Republic, France, the United Kingdom and Germany.

The alignment of the groups with right-wing ideology and their increasing popularity has made the traditional and liberal parties restless. The statements of French Minister, Nathalie Loiseau reflect the same sentiment. The French Minister expressed regret that although the building of the European Union was a very ambitious achievement, currently, the European countries are expressing apathy towards it.

By stating that ‘nearly 10 countries that are not a part of the Union are striving to enter the Union. Thousands of people from outside Europe are risking their lives to enter here,’ she tried to highlight the importance of the Union. While the French Minister was firing salvos of criticism at the right-wing groups, the German member of the European Parliament, Manfred Weber has opposed it.

Weber said that the European identity will be a major issue in the next year’s Parliamentary elections and it cannot be ignored that the support for the right-wing groups will be consistently rising in this year. No matter what the traditional and liberal groups have to say, such a reality needs to be accepted.

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