Death toll from dump collapse in Sri Lanka reaches 31

Few months back, Devnar dumping ground, in Mumbai caught fire. This resulted in heavy smoke that spread to almost half of the city of Mumbai. People from various parts of the city complained of burning sensation in their eyes. People staying close to the dumping ground are suffering from a number of health issues. The issue of dumping ground is not limited to Mumbai only. Many cities and many countries are struggling with this issue of dumping ground.

The reason for remembering Devnar dumping ground fire again is the news from Sri Lanka. A sudden collapse of a giant open garbage dump near Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka took a toll of 31 lives. Many people are still missing. So the number of deaths in this accident can go up.

A portion of the 300 feet dump collapsed following a fire incident on Friday as the residents celebrated the traditional Sri Lankan New Year, burying dozens of residential buildings and trapping many people in Meetotamulla area in Kolonnawa. 100 houses were completely destroyed in this fire which has resulted in 600 people being homeless.

Considering the severity of this incident, army was called immediately for rescue. Some people might still be trapped under this dump. The garbage is moved slowly to save the people. Even after three days the collapsed dump of garbage could not be completely moved which shows the severity of the problem of dump in Colombo.

Local people had been protesting since a long time to move this dumping ground elsewhere. However this demand was ignored by the authorities. So the government is said to be responsible for this mishap. These kinds of demands are ignored by governments all over the world. Along with developing countries like India, Sri Lanka, even the developed countries are no exception to it. It is expected that at least after this mishap in Colombo, there will be more awareness about the issue of dumping grounds, from governments all over the world.

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