China to hold month-long war drills in South China Sea

Beijing: – The People’s Liberation Army of China, has started war exercises in the South China Sea, lasting for a month. Against the background of these exercises, China has warned that foreign boats and ships should not come within five kilometres of the announced perimeter of the exercises. The Chinese mouthpiece said that these exercises have been held to increase patrolling by the United States warships and aircraft and the increasing participation of the French naval warships. 

The talks were in the air that the Chinese military would hold live-fire exercises in the South China Sea sector. The leading CCTV news channel in China also had carried a report regarding this. But, information regarding the sector and timings of the exercises was not revealed. But China, known for its non-transparent military operations, started the exercises on Monday.

The exercises, which started on Monday, the 1st of March, in the Leizhou Peninsula marine sector, will continue till the 31st of March. Against the background of these exercises, the Chinese marine administration has issued a special warning for foreign ships, patrol vessels and warships. The Chinese warning says that the foreign ships should not venture in five kilometres of the Guangdong province’s marine region.   

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