Fierce battle to break out in Afghanistan if US does not withdraw its military, Taliban warns US and NATO

Kabul/Islamabad: – Taliban has warned that if the United States and NATO do not withdraw their militaries from Afghanistan before the 1st of May, a fierce conflict will be triggered in Afghanistan. The report is being received that US President Joe Biden is reviewing the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan. Taliban issued this warning of a fierce conflict over these reports. The Afghan government has pointed out that the time is not right for the US military withdrawal as the deal signed between the United States and Taliban in Doha has been scrapped by Taliban, with its violent activities.   

Recently, the US-Taliban peace deal completed one year. Against this background, the US special envoy for Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, reached Afghanistan and soon he will proceed to Qatar, from there. Khalilzad may meet Taliban leaders in Qatar. In this scenario, Taliban issued a warning to the United States and NATO. Taliban has reminded the United States of the agreement signed a year ago.  

The Taliban threatened that the agreement had been signed at Doha in Qatar to establish peace and stability in Afghanistan. If the terms of the agreement are not going to be implemented, Taliban will not honour the agreement. As per the agreement, the United States had agreed to withdraw its military from Afghanistan within 14 months. The then US President Donald Trump had accepted the condition and had announced military withdrawal from Afghanistan. The US military had even started the process of withdrawal.  

But after the change of guard in the United States, President Biden ordered to stop the military withdrawal. The Biden administration declared that further decisions would be taken only after reviewing the ceasefire agreement. NATO welcomed the US decision. In a recently concluded NATO meeting, NATO chief, Stoltenberg, emphasised that NATO will not be withdrawing its military from Afghanistan. Taliban infuriated with the decision, has reminded the United States of the agreement reached a year ago and warned that the agreement mandates US military withdrawal before 1st May.  

Meanwhile, Haji Nazir Ahmedzai, senior advisor to Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, castigated Taliban over the ceasefire. As decided in Doha, Taliban has not fulfilled its commitment to the ceasefire. The Taliban attacks have increased over the last year. Therefore, Ahmedzai raised this question while talking to a Russian news agency that if the ceasefire is not in force, what is the point in wasting time in discussions. 

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