China warns US and allies with the demonstration of the anti-warship hypersonic missile

Third World WarBeijing: There is tension raging between the United States and China over the trade war and the South China Sea. In this situation, China demonstrated a hypersonic missile capable of destroying a warship in a single strike. It seems to have issued a warning to the United States with its statement that these cruise missiles are ready for deployment. Meanwhile, a few days ago, Chinese President Xi Jinping had suggested to the Chinese military to be prepared for a war against the western countries.

China is exhibiting its military might since the last few days. It also exposed its indigenously built stealth fighter jets and drones in front of the international media during an air force exercise. Within a few hours of the air exercises, China has warned the US warships in the Asia-Pacific.

anti warship, china, us, hypersonic missileThe Chinese officials claimed that the CM-401 supersonic ballistic missile loaded on a truck was an anti-warship cruise missile. The company that has manufactured this missile claimed that the rocket capable of speed up to Mach 6 could travel at hypersonic speeds to hit the target. The concerned company has claimed that the missile is capable of destroying an enemy warship along with the fleet of destroyers and important locations near the coastline in a single strike.

The range of CM-401 is said to be 180 miles. The missile can be launched from a mobile launcher as well as a warship. Therefore, the missiles will be deployed with the Chinese military as well as the navy. There is a possibility of the missiles being deployed on the Chinese warships patrolling the South China Sea. China has also indicated that the range of these missiles will be increased in the future.

Before this, China had announced that the Dongfeng- 21 missile, capable of destroying the US aircraft carriers, was ready. But the Chinese analysts have claimed that the new missile is faster and more destructive than Donfeng-21. Chinese analysts have claimed that this new missile can be an answer to the United States who is challenging the Chinese monopoly in the South China Sea. China has claimed complete rights over most of the South China Sea. Whereas, the United States has accused that China is violating the international rules by ignoring the rights of the South East Asian countries.

Meanwhile, China has increased its military activities given the tension reigning with the United States. Chinese President Xi Jinping, while addressing Chinese military commanders has ordered to be prepared for a war with the United States and allies. Jinping said that the Chinese military should be prepared for any eventuality.


Taiwan Navy commissions 2 US-made frigates with anti-submarine capabilities

Taiwan, anti-submarine, us, tsai ing wenTaipei: Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen announced, ‘Taiwan would not retreat even by an inch despite whatever military pressures exerted by China’. Given the rising tensions with China, Taiwan has inducted two warships with anti-submarine capabilities in their naval fleet. Tsai is claimed to have warned China after the acquisition of the frigates.

China is bitterly opposed to the US-Taiwan military cooperation. No one can save Taiwan from the Chinese ire for cooperating with the United States, Chinese military officials had threatened. China also threatened Taiwan with dire consequences if it did not stop its anti-Chinese activities. Taiwan replied just as firmly to the Chinese threats. Taiwan bought 2 Peri-class frigates equipped with missiles from the United States. This Taiwanese purchase is believed to be for targeting the submarines in the Chinese naval fleet.


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