Protest China with ‘Boycott China’ masks

Srinagar: – Strong anger is being expressed against China, responsible for the attack on Indian soldiers, in the country and appeals are being made to boycott Chinese goods. Citizens in Jammu also have decided to boycott Chinese products. People here are protesting China wearing ‘Boycott China’ masks.

20 Indian soldiers, along with a Colonel from the Indian military were killed in a surprise attack launched by the Chinese military. Anger was being expressed from around the country against the Chinese invasion. The repercussions of the Chinese attack were felt in Jammu-Kashmir too. Masks are being used around the country to protect against the Coronavirus infection. The mask manufacturers in Jammu, have made use of the masks to promote the Boycott China sentiment.

Masks with printed slogans like ‘Boycott Made in China’ and ‘Boycott Red China, Buy Made in India’ are being sold in Jammu and these masks are becoming increasingly popular among citizens. This opposition to China from Jammu is significant.

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